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Paper Abstract

Self-Management Support

Cement Floor

What is Self-Management?

Self-management support is the help provided to people with chronic illnesses which allows them to manage their daily life. Through self-management skills and tools, we can help patients manage their chronic conditions and develop the confidence needed to make healthy choices.

Implementing these strategies and helping our patients requires constant collaboration between us, health care providers, and families. Through these interactions, we will motivate, listen, and coach you to make self-care become part of your day-to-day care. We must work closely together with families to offer care before, during, and after the patient visit to effectively support self-management.

Supporting patients with self-management involves offering a variety of methods and resources to assist you in selecting and maintaining good lifestyle choices. By learning how to use resources like care plans, goal-setting worksheets, and problem-solving approaches to help and motivate patients, we can make the transition of implementing a self-management support program easier.

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