Medical Home. All Better Pediatric Group want our families to see us a total resource for their child’s healthcare needs. We are fully dedicated to continuity of care and encourage our families to schedule their child well visits with the same pediatrician. We use evidence-based guidelines for Pediatric Practice by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We also provide further patient education through handouts and, at the time of visits, patient education will be sent directly to the Patient Portal. In addition, every time a patient comes in, we send out an email with a survey to use your feedback on improving the quality of our practice. We are striving to become a true medical home. Your child's health care needs are our first priority, including physical, developmental, emotional, and behavioral health. Please inform us if you are using any of the counter medications or self-care regimes. This will help us further establish a trusting partnership between you and the practice.

Patient Centered Care – At All Better Pediatric Group, your child is our center focus, so we will question about any medical issues you might be dealing with while making every effort to understand the conditions at home and school which can affect your child’s health.

  • Your Care Team will know the health history of your child.
  • They will listen to your child’s needs as well as your own.
  • The care team will build a trusting and cooperative relationship with you and your child.

Quality Care – At All Better Pediatric Group we provide quality evidence-based care to meet the health needs of your child. We want to help manage complex and chronic health problems by partnering with you and your child to deliver comprehensive care. In particular, we strive to provide asthma care consistent with current guidelines and recommendations and deliver asthma education services through our new “asthma check-ups.” We engage our patients in a variety of screening questionnaires through CHADIS for child development, autism screening, behavioral and emotional health and safety, as well as for asthma monitoring.

Coordinated Care – We are dedicated to working with you and other healthcare partners to organize the care that your child receives outside of All Better Pediatric Group, allowing us to maintain a thorough care record for your child. Please inform us if your child has been to a specialist, emergency department, or any other health professional. It is important to keep us up to date with any medications, test results, and procedures so we can have a complete understanding of the health of your child.

Personal Provider – You have the option to select a primary provider for your child. We are a “Care Team” or trusting partnership between you, your child, your family and your primary care provider.


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