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What's the Patient Portal?

Need to download your child's school or sports forms? Review the notes from your most recent visit? Send a message to one of our doctors? Don't worry! We got you covered with our Patient Portal.

The Patient Portal is a tool to help you connect with us in more accessible ways. You can locate all your child's documents and visit summaries, request medication refills, communicate with our staff or doctors, and many more features from your home with your cell phone or laptop. This page will guide you with step-by-step guides on how to use all of these tools by yourself, and of course, if you need help with something you can't find on this page, you can always call our office!

Access the Patient Portal!

Please be aware that if you finished registering your child as a new patient recently and do not have your login yet, don't worry! We are still going to send you the login and password by email. If your child is already a patient, but you do not remember your information or need to update anything, please call us! Our staff will gladly be able to assist you.

How to print your child's forms
How to send a message
How to view or request medications
How to complete questionnaires
How to view your child's lab results
How to view your child's vitals and growth chart
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